Clubhouse Demo

by 10K Volt Ghost

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Recording in July-August 2012 at The Clubhouse, South Burlington VT by 10KVG

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released August 28, 2012

Songs written and performed by 10KVG



all rights reserved


10K Volt Ghost Burlington, Vermont

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Track Name: Collider
Re-create 10 million degrees
Particle map of ancient debris
It's not the doomsday that will tear us apart
Existence is the only gain from the start
Some say there is a secret
If I cared about that now
The sky will break, the land will sink
Into oblivion

Flip on the switch to the experiment
My mind is unclear, overdue on the rent
Beneath the borders of space & time
Export the limits on the company dime

Trap my heart in the letter
Fold in half & forget to remember
Have we seen better days
It's always in the back of my mind

Perfect storm of lunacy inbound
Theories to make your head go around
Now you're gone, but we're still here
Nothing's changed, face in the clear
General purpose on the Atlas
Isn't a roadmap to the end
The late night talks and cosmic rays
Bring me back to better days
Track Name: Note to Self
Can we just forget it all this time
And remember to write it down
The sinking ship straight off the bow
You never mentioned to replace

And I know that I don't feel enough
And I know that I don't think enough

And I can't look at you
'Cause you always see past me
I ain't got no feeling in my gut
And I know that I don't feel enough

Sometimes I think, all the things I've done to get this way
Confined to secluded space, I drew the line across your face
Cheap photograph erased along the tracks
And I didn't miss it, no I fought back
Track Name: What a Night for a Fright
The night was lost
Like sinking under the sea
We wait like castaways
We walk for hours in dark eternity

It was a long hard drive that day
Remedy of vacancy and decay
I knew that the time was short
And it was time and age that took us away
(and now we're gone)

The night was lost
Like sinking under the sea

And it's not my choice and I couldn't see
Embrace the end and all I could be
I can't forget what it means to me
Cold day, buried in dirt and clay

It's not the end (it's not too late)
Keep turning back time (before it's too late)
I can't feel anything
Was it the drive (or the morning commute)
Resolved when I cried (or choked in my throat)
This sinking feeling
Track Name: Willawaw
Here we are, yet again
A jet black stare, my old friend
A call to your name while you look at me
On the beaten path to misery
Call me out on my bluff
Haven't we moved on yet?
The case ain't closed, the clock is set
Break my brain with fucking regret
And if I can't get into the feeling
The sun will see me leaving
Erase my memory undeceiving
Don't tell me you never stopped believing

Take the step or you might fall
Just an excuse or none at all
I need to save face to get me through it

It called your name today
Before it came to take you away
Can we end this now
Analyze your every route out

Symbol laden with ritual
With a burning mask that's ready to go
Falling prey to mental abberation
Ending thoughts based on realization

And if you see my face, then I'm not okay
Don't bury me now, leave me where I lay
Deserted and ransacked to leave the clue
In the mysteries end to run me through